Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Look what I made!

TADA! my very own
I was gonna wait til the whole wall was "complete"(we'll see how long that takes seeing as I had the "vision" for it 
before we had even officially bought this house over a year ago!)

But then I accidentally erased the post I had already spent too much time on today, and was feeling really bummed about it. 

So now you get to see this instead. 

I'm super happy about how it turned out.

With ALOT of help from a wonderful friend Cara and her fabulous vinyl machine, and her awesome playroom (which my boys promptly trashed!)

She was so patient with me, and, picking font picking (we actually peeled off the word happiness off and did it over). t was so nice to chat with her while we did my "project ". 

We thought her kids had what mine had, but they may have a girl out and she infects your kids, what a way to say thanks. 

So sorry. 
And thanks. 

A big thanks. 
Couldn't and wouldn't have done it with out you!

And I'm glad I did do it, cuz I love it!

See the empty frames beside it above? 
Why is choosing a printing pictures always such a hard job!?!

We usually put it on our wall like this:

But let's face it, it's too small to really read. So I just picked some of my favorite lines and now I feel like I'm reminded of the principles every time I walk by it (which I may be doing a lot lately, just to admire my handy work:)

Principles like:

We did make one "mistake" I hadn't sized the word WORK quite as big and so the machine did it automatically and it ended up being one of the biggest words of all. But Cara said, she really liked it, because it really emphasized it 

"And" she as she put it, "let's face it, family is a lot of work!"

Now every time I look at I think, yup it's a lot of work and it's okay, because of all the other words.."eternal destiny", "Happiness" and of course, "Jesus Christ".

I, of course, eye-balled it, so it's by no means perfect (another useful analogy for family life!) In fact, the most crooked word, ironically, is "forgiveness"...but its okay I forgive myself!

Together with our actual family portrait, I just love it!

 Now the real trick is living by it!


cc said...Best Blogger Tips

I super love it! Great job:)

Jennifer said...Best Blogger Tips

What a great idea! And it turned out absolutely amazing. When I get back you'll have to come over and help me make one :-) Miss ya!

Candace said...Best Blogger Tips

Hi, my name is Candace. I don't know you (I found your post through pinterest) but I would really appreciate it if you would post the file that you used for this.

cozy said...Best Blogger Tips

saw this on pinterest - love it!

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

I used a friends program and vinyl machine...I will ask her for the file. Sorry I didn't see this sooner (like in time for Christmas!)

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

Unfortunately, my friend didn't keep the file. Sorry.
It didn't take too long to pick different fonts and what can do it!

mama bear said...Best Blogger Tips

You may not still be reading comments from this post, but I thought I'd take a chance! I found this on pinterest and absolutely love it! Was that a canvas you used? Could you please tell me the dimensions? I love the idea of using the key words and phrases that have meaning to your family! Thanks for sharing.

Kristin said...Best Blogger Tips

I really love this too and am making one myself. Wondering what size yours is? I think mine will be 22" wide by 55" tall. Thanks for sharing!