Friday, December 16, 2011

JOY to my world.

I have looked and looked for just the right nativity. 
(I'm a tad picky, drives everyone including myself bonkers)

I wanted a pretty one. 
But also unique. Classy. Elegant. Warm. Inspiring. 
(I ask a lot of my nativities apparently.)

Then in the end I bought this one.
And it's perfect. 
Look at Mary just inviting my children to come, touch, learn, feel.
(Joseph looks kinda more like a shepherd, which there are none, 
I almost added the farmer from our little people barn, but it didn't quite fit.)

Darling little wise man, waving "Hi" to baby Jesus.

And their even more darling camel!

I just love watching my kids play with this, by the light of the little glowing star and "Silent Night" playing softly 
(might even keep the batteries changed in this one!)

 I love McKye's "big brother" face here.

That sheep is exciting I tell ya.

Just love that little Baby Jesus 
is a bit more at the center of things... 
...where He belongs.


Alyssa Cosens said...Best Blogger Tips

My mom definately needs to get one of these. Caleb oves touching baby Jesus, but I am so scared one of my kids will break it one day.