Monday, December 19, 2011

My original Santa "baby"

Well shoot, I was gonna post this before Family Home Evening night, for all my Lethbridge friends.
You've probably all heard of it anyway. When Ben came hoe wanted to go see the house with lights set to music I admit, I wondered if a few youtube videos of the same concept might be just as good. But it was super fun to see live!
I get a tad excited (trying to get the kids into it, ya know)
 I didn't realize Ben was doing a video...haha.

And to make it even better... look who the proceeds go to:

It was SUCH a nice outing with the kiddos. And it got even better when my friend introduced me to the new love of my life: Candy cane white hot chocolate!
How come candy canes are so gross, until they get smashed up and sprinkled on top of stuff, then they're just delicious!?!

Then on Sunday we had a beautiful all music Christmas Sacrament meeting at church. 
I somehow neglected to grab a program and had no idea when the three numbers I was participating in were...oppsies. Between that and trying to hand off kids, it's was a little christmas miracle I managed to stay on beat to conduct one number and remembered what the piano accompaniment sounded like for another.  My favoriste was singing with Benny though. They were looking for people who sing, and I tattled on him. I could listen to him sing eternal bonus! We were in a quartet of O Holy Night.  (Which is the song my sister-in-law just happens to sing like an absolute it was nice to get a chance at it.) Thanks Benny.

My favorite line? (that almost got me emotional every time we practiced)
"In all out trials, born to be our Friend."

Then we whisked off to the Chinook Autism Society Christmas Party 
and Sensory-Sensitive Santa.

It took me a moment when I saw "Santa" to realize it was my friend Desiree, who's little boy Cameron is also in Aaron's class and on the spectrum too. I love her. And I love that she loves Aaron. Just like I love Cam.  A "get it" friend.
 Such a blessing.

Been a while since I sat on Santa's lap.

Christina Spooner, our CAS president,
& amazing advocate mom!

Seeing how BIG Aaron was on Santa's lap made me thing back to his first Christmas. My little Aaron.

So from the ol' Bretzke scrapbooks (back from the days when I actually scrapbooked) here's soem gooders...


That tubby-tub and BIG hands, reminds me so much of Levi right now!

Can't believe my baby is my kindergartener!