Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Reality this week (ha! it's only Wednesday...longest week ever!) 
has meant:

-Throw up on carpets, on clothing, in bedding (the worst), and my personal favorite, in my hair at 3 am.

-Potty-training...NOT I've tried to "stick it out" but the last few days "potty training has just meant me washing out poopy underwear, after poopy underwear. Why do my kids hafta be so darn regular! Just when I thought we were actually getting somewhere. Oh well. We'll get there.

- Mess after mess despite constant cleaning and picking up somehow the playroom looks like this ever time I turn around

 (in fact, half way through typing that, I noticed Levi had turned a discarded granola bar, into a glob slobbery, chocolately smear-rage ..lovely)
Example two: That box of cheerios I salvage? Well it got dumped again. This time there was less picture taking and more yelling (with Levi it was cute, McKye, it was not okay). The yelling was somewhat kept in check as Aaron's speech pathologist was here to witness the entire ordeal.

The my once beautiful tree has been stripped of every single ball which after days of replacing, 
I have now resigned to tossing them  under the tree in defeat (atleast I have my pictures to look at!)
Jpegs last longer than reality!

Many a ball have been broken entirely (Levi has quite the arm on him!) And this morning an new roll of paper towel (left out from throw-up clean-up) got added to the mix.
Levi sick has meant constant neediness and nto very good nights. 
So if wrecking my tree makes the kid happy, have at her!

We did have a nice morning yesterday at a friends (her kids were already sick) working on a craft I've had in mind for a while.
I was counting my blessings that I wasn't up-chucking too. But yesterday, as I was taking the picture of the ornaments under the tree (thinking, hey at least I 'll get a good blog post outta it!) McKye decided to jump from one couch to the other THOUGH MY HEAD! 

My head, neck spine, hips, knees, are so outta whack now. I would not do good with chronic pain, it makes me ubber grumpy. I'd love to visit the chiropractor, but sick kids pretty much hold ya hostage.

Thank goodness for 

-Washing machines! I was reading a book that described a woman back in the day doing laundry all by hand, wringing every article of clothing, it made me wanna cry, I was so grateful I could throw it in, push a button and walk away!

-Phineas and Ferb the movie to keep McKye occupied fro longer than 20 minutes at a time. 
I love the Doofensmurts song. 

For McKye "taking care" of himself to some extent mw hile Levi takes a turn at being "the needy one"...and by taking care of,  I mean eating whole sausages outta the fridge!

The home made chocolates a friend dropped off...their sugary goodness has got me threw a few moments of crisis.

The phone and my support team of long distance friends, not sure I could have been a mom before that blesses invention!

Ben's hugs, for his poor pathetic, weepy wife. 

And his sense of humor..."Do we need to have another baby to change things up?"
Very funny honey, very funny.

All in all we'll get through. My Relief Society lesson, I was gonna post, but haven't yet, was about "livin' the dream" and just remember that mortality isn't "the dream", but that we're being prepared to appreciate our eternities.

Some weeks feel like forever.

And other moments you wish would never end.


Barb said...Best Blogger Tips

Don't forget the 'Pampers' the "olden" days, we were washing them out in the toilet before we put them in the washing machine. Yes, there is so much for which to be thankful. And if you can believe 20+ years you'll be looking back at these times with fondness...really, I promise!

mbmcclung said...Best Blogger Tips

Chelsea, you never fail to blow my mind! your such a great mom much beter then I could ever be , I think I would have had a least 3 mental break downs already... and I think you deserve a sat away with some girls to shop!!! I hope you can make it and relax a bit!!