Saturday, May 28, 2016

Jaci's Grad

 Oh I love you! wasn't it just yesterday I was taking picture of you at your grade 9 grad?  Really wasn't it yesterday that you looked like this:

The little girl who toddled about behind your big brother Benny and made me realize he'd be a pretty good dad one day. 

One of the things I have in common with my kids, is we have all unanimously agreed that you are our favourite person...ever. 

But I think a lot of people feel that way. Like everyone who gets to know you. 

When I took photos at your grade 9 grad, you'd only done a year at that school (with kids who'd been together since Kindergarten) but you were adored. 
And here you are again, doing it all again. Not many could move to a new school in their last year of High School and some how snuggle right in. 

As we arrived...

...after last minute hair and simultaneous sleeve sewing....

 We were greeted by "Jaaaaaaci!!!!!" As poeple ran over with eager hugs and exclamations of "You look so beautiful!"  Which is all to be expected. But there is something about the deep sincerity with which people love you and interact with you. It's not just a too your face nicety, but a genuine gladness at your very presence, not a competitive popularity contest, but an untainted kind of friendship you seem to be able to foster wherever you go, with who ever is lucky enough to get to associate with you. 

It is one of your (many) gifts.

And in the long list of those who love her, her family is at the top.
The baby of eight kids to graduate. Pretty special.

This was the very last picture we took, and as I looked at it on my viewfinder, it was like my "life with Jaci-flashed before my eyes" and I was flooded with memories of that sweet smile-- from her little toddler arms wrapped around my teenage neck all the way to our reunited greeting, in which I always get a big hug and her "Hey, Chels".  My heart just swelled and my I totally teared up, feeling so grateful for this very special girl in my life. 

Jaci, you are going to all sorts of good. You are going to continue pulling the best out of people, just by being you.  As Ben shared one time on your birthday, "Life is better when ... my wife is happy, and Chelsea is happier when Jaci's around." Such truth. Love you Jaci!