Monday, May 23, 2016

Little family trip

I only screeched, "Fine! We're NOT going!" a couple of times at my kids before we left for a long weekend trip. Maybe we need to do more surprise trips. But as someone who prefers anticipation I thought I'd give my kids the chance to look forward to some fun...besides I'm not above having incentives to bribe my kids with and/or threats, as it turns out, hence the few "Listen to me, or we're just going to stay home!"

But instead of motivation, my kids where just a tad bit wired--a buzz with the thrill of staying at a hotel and spending a few days water-sliding. 

Well, in the end, I didn't cancel the trip, and we managed to get all packed up and on the road. 

Ben had a church commitment Thursday evening, but we decided it would be fine to go late... 
We were wrong. That two hour nap on the way to Medicine Hat, was just enough for Hadley and Enoch to think it was time to party and they took forever to settle. We also realized that we're officially too big to stay in just one hotel room. By the morning, we were exhausted and the kids were still rearing to go. 

This is them looking down at the pol from our hotel room.

Poor Hadley being told she had to what for mom to get baby
Enoch to sleep before she could go down the slides.

 There is always that moment, where after all the laundry and packing and just hardwork it is to arrange for a family trip---that moment where you witness siblings (who have fought non-stop all week) interact like friends, and you smile, as your heart sighs and you realize, "Yes. This is why we do this. It's all worth it. Memories are being made. Just that break in routine is enough to help us see each other again. To remember how fun we can be and how much we can enjoy one another.

Lots of times we travel "with" Ben, which means while we play, he's busy working, visiting offices and staying out late helping on installs. Usually we run around exploring the city, going to different parks, but this time is was raining as so I gave up an expectations other than hanging at the hotel. And it was soooo nice. We swam for 3 hours, then had a brea for lunch and naps/quiet time. Went back and swam another 3 hours. I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with myself that I managed to take 5 kids swimming that long (another 2 1/5more hours the next morning)all by myself:)  Probably helped that my sister-in-law, Ben's brother;s wife who is the lead tech in that office,  came by, so I could have a bit of adult conversation.

After soooo a long day of playing I thought for sure the night would be better...and it kinda was.
I took pictures, so I wouldn't be so annoyed at how late my kids still managed to stay up.

Despite a late night, they were up early, and despite their puffy, sleepy eyes they were ready to put their still damp swim suits back on.

Aaron loved hanging out at the top.

Someone was tired and decide she could take her soother and blankie into the pool with her
....that elephant needed a good bath anyways.

Aaron, for the most part was really good. He is fairly independent in pools, but still if it's busy we can run into issues. This time it was him deciding it was rather fun to stop himself and walk up the waterslide instead of sliding down them. The first time, I was sitting with Enoch in the baby pool and I start hearing a lot of people shouting "Hey! Hey kid!"Aaron's very good at doing just what he's suppose to until you relax and he knows you;re not being quite as vigilant. I ran all the way up with Enoch in-tow just in time for Aaron to decide to slide down. We intercepted him at the bottom and he got to sit. He tried it a few more times and sat each time until he decided the fun wasn't worth wasting precious pool time. 

I love this shot, catching Mckye watching as Levi runs off, with the little friend they made...
and knowing that Enoch is about to get ditched.

My kids...I love em. And sometimes getting outta my house, with the constant dishes and laundry and pile of school papers I wish would all just disappear, is just what I need to remember it. 

My kids love packing in this little old Care bears suitcase. It's falling a part but I love it. Figured I better get a photo of it before it bites the dust. Levi was very first.

Before we hit the road home (also just did a couple nights instead of the whole weekend, which I think was good too) we had to hit up MacDonald's one last time.  ("M" is for McKye, by the way)

One thing I LOVE about my big camera, is how a shallow depth of field can transform even a cluttered MacDonald's table, full of wrappers and ketchup into one more place I can capture those little interactions between my kids.

That's a whole lota fries Aaron just stiffed in his mouth...
and he's thrilled about it!

Til next time.