Sunday, May 1, 2016

Our Week in Photos: Puddles, Bubbles and Paints

 I'm not sure if I would enjoy living somewhere that rains all the time, 
but I sure love it when it rains here! 
That musty smell of wet earth, and the soothing sounds of the steady drops. I just love it. 
I also think little rain-boots are adorable. so this past week when we had a rainy day, I got out my camera and off the the alley way we went for some puddle-jumping fun.

I love this little look Hadley is giving one of the neighbour girls---who musta lost the draw between her and her sister to hold Enoch and got the runner-up price of following Hadley around. So grateful for these sweet girls and their growing mother hearts that help support me in my little mothering load. Such blessings--one day girls I'm gonna show up at your house and hold your babies so YOU can nap!

Levi was a little more aggressive about splashing then Hadley was. 

Levi is my social kids. As in, feels like he MUST have a friend over every waking moment. As in, with the same breath he's saying goodbye to one friend he's asking about the next.
We're lucky Tallie is so close and that her mom lets us steal her so often. He's a little obsessed with his kindergarten friends, so I've had to put a little effort in to arrange a few playdates. 

We've downsized our toys so drastically (& our kids don't care at all) but I get slightly panicked right before playdates that there won't be anything to do & end up running to the dollarstore to get a few things for some backup fun. 
This time it was paints and bubbles. Both were a super hit!( And fun to take pictures of!)

Look at that proud face!

 Hadley had her turn after the boys.

Another proud face...
...decided I need to see:)

 And then we took photos of Enoch, because, well he's cute. No other reason:)

 Onto bubbles!

Hadley was just a little but thrilled when she managed to blow a couple. 

Of course after friend number one went home, Levi had to have Tallie come over and try out the bubbles too. Can you see it mid pop?!?!

 And that was our week...

with a couple more of Hadley (always right?!?)

 And these gems of Levi, in his hockey helmet and leather jacket, playing baseball. What a kid!

 Open your eyes buddy and you might hit it!