Sunday, May 22, 2016

Our Week in Photos: Dunking Cookies, Giant Beachballs and a Night at the Spray Park

A couple shots of what I wake up to most mornings.

We had some milk about to expire, sooooo I (of course) baked some delicious home made cookies....
Yeah right! I bought a wicked cheap box of hard as rocks oatmeal cookies, so they'd have to be eaten with milk adn then (of course...for reals this time) I took a ridiculous amoutn of pictures of the dunking cuteness (which was goos, cuz then I was too busy taking pictures, to eat all the cookies!)

Cookies= Happiness 

Unless your my husband and then giant blow up balls = happiness.
Okay I admit, it's pretty fun. 

Their favourite thing this time, was to take turns getting run over.

It was so summery out one evening, we decided to ignore that it was  school night and went to the spray park til way past bedtime. And it was lovely. 
How do I not take a ton of pictures of these two cuties?!?!?

Aaron loves the spray park, although he rarely even gets wet, but he really loves climbing up in the trees and watching/listening to all the water.

Off to collect pine cones.

Looking forward to many more (actual) summer nights like this one.