Sunday, June 5, 2016

Our Week in Photos: Sleep in, Spaghetti, and Soccer

This post really is more our day in photos than our week, because I think Wednesday was the only day I took out my big camera, but man did I take a lot of pictures in one day.

It all began in the morning. We are STUG-A-LIN to get up in the mornings!!! The evenings feel oh so summery, and we play hard and then BAM! The morning hits and we're all "What?!?!? There's still school?!?!?!

We were late. Already. But the morning sunshine was streaming in, defused just so, and I started seeing through my sleepy eyes all sorts of little interactions. 

So I grabbed my camera and decided we were just gonna be late today. 

Pretty much every morning, every single child comes into our bed at some point, and often it's all of them.

Hadley has some epic hair in the mornings

And at least a few of these...

Dad was hiding in there too, but Enoch found him

So did Aaron

Lots of smiles

Some more tears
 With plenty of of snuggles

Enoch loves to grab faces, like really loves it.

 And seeing as we were already late (Ben was was really confused why I wasn't going into my crazy GO GO GO!!!!! mode) I decided to try out my little remote.I'll play more with it another day. Just documenting that  I'm part of the fun family morning bed too. The last one the boys took fightign over the remote. Funny thing is, in the end, we weren't really much more late than usual;)

Oh! but the best part is, my room looked like this:
 (can't believe I'm posting this, but I'm working on my house shame)
But it didn't matter. 
 In all the chaos and the mess that drives me crazy, there was still lots of space for love. 

Pre-dinner popsicles...that's a thing right?
We made the dire mistake of signing Levi up for soccer another session. Bad idea.
Ben's "summer" at work begins in May and he is CRAZY busy. It's pretty challenging to have him transition to his summer mode, while we still have two moths of school mode.
Live and learn. We will be making sure things end in April or not doing them from now on.

Super rush before soccer. I had my camera out, planning on taking in to soccer that night and all the spaghetti slurping was begging to be captured.

Could't get his socer uniform dirty...
Such a Levi face!

The day they were taking soccer photos, I was feeling a lot of pressure (darn parental pressures!) But I'm glad I didn't and went and took my own. Way more fun. 

That way I can catch all the things I actually want to rememebr about Levi playign soccer. 

Like how the kid always has his tongue out!

His soccer rival (they use to be on the same team and were both really good)

Man that coach was just everywhere, which is really great of him from a coaching standpoint,
but not really fab for my photo taking.