Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Our Week in Photos: A BirthdayParty, a Surprise Farewell and a Harry Potter Marathon

Smidgen behind-- but we've been busy!!!
going to a bunch of fun parties. 
There is few things I love photographing as much as a fun party. I love catching all the little details of decorations and food and people having fun. 

Which means that Tallie's (if you follow me on instagram you'l' recognize her. because we try constantly to claim her as our own!) ice cream party was super fun, cu z the kids had a ton of fun. I basically invited myself over to take pictures, because i always wish there was someone at my kids parties to take pictures, because trying to run the party AND document it can be hard. 

Tallie's mom is one of my mommy-heros, for sure. She is who I go to when I need things put into perspective. She's the first to let you know "yup that's totally normal", followed up with a comforting and often hilarious story from when one of her five kids did just the same thing. I would have loved to be friends back when she was in the baby stage too, but I'm so appreciative that she's a bit farther down that road and can help me along the way. Pretty sure, when my kids are teenagers she'll still eb right there with her knowing perspective and empathetic wisdom. Which seeing as I think her kids are just absolutely stellar, I'm happy to follow her advice, so my kids can grow up and be like the Salmons (though I'm not sure they'll ever be quite as baby hungry...that one i think is in the genes)

Back to the fun icecream party!

OH to be as excited as a kid on their birthday opening their presents
 (I think this one might have been the whoopy cushion:)

Happy Birthday Tallie- your'e 8 years of awesome! 
So glad you let (5 year old) Levi hang out with you.

The next party was for my dear friends Ron and Kaitlin. They're moving away to Arizona for Ron to continue his schooling and while I know they are going to have an incredible adventure, I'm pretty sad about not having them around. 
I already miss not seeing them in Primary every week (maybe I had to be weaned off). 

They are just such fun! (as you will soon see from the pics of their incredible Harry Potter Party...but alas, one party at a time!)

Kaitlin is so willing. Willing to sit in a ER room all hours of the night (she basically never sleeps), willing to help with a craft, or a project, or just willing to chat you through something, with a listening ear and a sincere hug. When I was stuck in the hosptipal with Hadley a few extra days after she was born, Kaitlin showed up to hold my baby and chat away my lonliness. 

I have no doubt her a Ron will continue collecting even more friends in Arizona  (and everywhere they live after)because they are just giving, genuine, hilarious people who love in such a  whole hearted way that people are drawn to them.
And once you're friends with the Atwood's you feel-- cherished. 

Oh darn, starting to tear up, better warp this up...
I hope you guys know how cherished you are, right back!
We love you guys And wish you all the best. 

The banner at the party (that I had a hard time getting a photo with the silly wind...won't miss that is Arizona will ya?!) read: 

When I saw it I instantly thought, 
"That's perfect....SO true! So very true!"

Hopefully a few of the pics will help you remember all the love back in Lethbridge for you guys!

(About as I wrapped up getting photos of Ron and Kaitlin with the different party guest, not all featured here...the harsh light that had been driving me mad, softened, so I took a bunch of pics of Hadley playing on the rocks to sooth my amateur photographer's aggravated heart...
PS I hate her crocs and never shoulda bought them for her, she refuses to wear her cute shoes know and insists on these:( Oh well, she's still cute!

One amazing Harry Potter Marathon

That's right she, replaced all her photos with portraits of Hogwarts characters!!!!

I was so sad we weren't home when Ron dressed as an owl, delivered our invitation

He means business with that wand!
Speaking of wands, there's basically nothing artistic that Ron can't do, including making incredible wands!

They may not have made it though all the movies in one day 
(had to re-watch the last one the next day) 
But man it was fun! Thanks guys for such good memories:)