Sunday, July 3, 2016

Our Week in Photos: Sports Day, Trampoline Park, and FINALLY the end of school

The kids sports day, is less of a traditional track and field and more of a just fun morning of different stations and relays. It's fun, but man was I ready for school to be out. The weather has been so nice for so long, we've been playing hard already and we were dragging in the mornings pretty bad.

McKye and his two of his best buddies from his class this year

This was Monita's second year as on of Aaron's aids. They seriously are so cute walking around the playground (their basically the same height). She was so good with him. We'll miss here next year. I'm so grateful for the good people, who's patience and persistence make Aaron's inclusion possible.  Here's on of him with Shirley too...
Aaron is not the easiest kid to work with, and had lots of challenging behaviors, but overall these ladies have been absolutely remarkable, helping him increase his independence leaps and bounds the last couple years.

I was a total slacker this year when it came to volunteering, between Enoch nursing and Hadley's afternoon naps I felt pretty justified, but I tried to elevate my guilt by helping my friends--watching their kids so they can go on field trips, or take pictures of their kids at sports day while they helped get the hotdogs ready. This isn't the best one of Mac, but the kid beside him, Best. Face . Ever. (Sad I missed my kids on the Tug-a-war, probably the funnest event of the day)
Benny even stopped by for a bit

Aaron turned 10 last week (!!!!!!!!)
And we decided the best place to celebrate would be the new Trampoline Park.
He loves it there, like could probably go every single day.
The other boys didn't mind it either:)

Apparently McKye was being supper photogenic, cuz more of my pictures of him turned out than of the others.

Everybody worked up quite the sweat!

I'm gonna hafta go again with just Aaron and get some better pics....
I mean most of the time he looked like this...

We also went to Finding Dory (Aaron's first time at not a cheap theater/special needs showing)
The movie was pretty emotional, so adding in being their with Aaron, when such a huge theme of the story was about how Dory's parents did all they could to help her and never gave up on her??!!? Ya..insert bawling emoticon.

Drug ourselves outta bed for one last half day of school and took out traditional on the doorstep last day picture to compare with the first day. 

That afternoon we jumped right into the long-awaited summer and went to the Raymond pool, but I didn't lug my big camera out there...because, well honestly, I barely got there! 

In the past, I felt like I'd got to the point where I could pretty efficiently pack up my kiddos and swim suits and snacks and water bottles and lawn chairs and diapers and.... well you get the picture, and head out for whatever summer adventure awaited us. But the last few times I've gone to pack up the van to head out, I'm sooooo scatter brained! There's so much stuff!!!! Last summer I was still pregnant (which was challenging in it's own ways) so even though I've had 5 kids for a while, I haven't  done a summer yet and I'm back struggling to find our new normal (again) this time, our summer version.

Called my mother in law on the way out to the Canada Day parade (After being up all night with various children), crying, feeling a little broken and just so frustrated that I wasn't feeling capable, and scarred that I wasn't going to be able to live up to my own expectations (however, un realistic). She, like always, told me EXACTLY what I needed to hear. She reminded me I was just at one of those stretching points, that OF COURSE I'm overwhelmed, and that I'd grow into this the same way I've grown into other challenging phases of my motherhood. 

And she told me to have a nap (which because we went out to my moms after, I did! Oh the life-changing power of a little sleep!)

Anyways, I feel like this summer is gonna be different. Few more days at home, with friends running in and out and a little less mommy providing all the fun and entertainment and a bit more of finding their own fun. A few less outings and a bit more watch a movie while the babies nap. And it's all gonna be just fine. My kids will have a great summer.

And I'll just keep taking pictures of it, so I can  remember to look and SEE how wonderful it all is. Cuz it really is. Huh..."Soul Stretching Wonderful" I've been wondering about my new blog title, but apparently that's just where I'm at.