Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Our Week in Photos: Playing Catch, Picking Strawberries, and Feeling Nostalgic in Glenwood

Had a fun Canada Day, but I was so glad we also had the Saturday to just be lazy and do nothing, and by nothing I mean wear your brothers t-shirt you slept in and your brother's shoes and jump on the tramp :)

Still so cute!

Ben played some catch with the boys (and even though I had hundreds of pictures from just the day before, I got out my camera, again, cuz it was just to darn iconic "boys play catch with dad")

I think I've pointed this out before, but for reals Levi CAN NOT do anything remotely "sporty" with out sticking his tongue out!
(And these is only a few of the photos from that day that prove that fact)

Enoch wants so bad to be one of the big boys!

I let my camera rest a bit until we headed out to Broxburn U-pick Farm. It is one of my favourite places we go each summer. Giant slides are always fun:)

I love how she keeps up with her brothers! 

Poor littles, did NOT like that we didn't let them crawl around eating the dirt.

There's that tongue again

Thanks for this one Sarah:)

Someone will do anything to be like her brothers....

Ben was down in Utah for work the rest of the week, so I decided to spend some time out at my mom and dad's. I'm so grateful they're so willing to let me and my crazy brood descend upon them.

My dad and I went to the Temple Thursday afternoon to do some baptisms. When I was asked to give the opening prayer I began rather automatically Dear Heavenly Father, thank you... but then I paused and thought "What am I actually thankful for in this very moment" and then I continued my voice breaking with a flood of emotion "I'm grateful my mom is watching my kids so I can be here"

It's a interesting experience to be able to return to the home of your childhood with your own kids.
Things that felt so big through a child's eyes seem so small. Like my dad's pancakes. I remember thinking the griddle and the spatuala and the pancakes themselves were all soooooo huge.

I remember trying on my mom's glasses and trying to walk with her strong prescription warping the floor and walls in disorienting, seemingly magical ways. Remember how big they felt on my the bridge of my little turned up nose.

I love McKye's hand reaching in

I love my kids doign things I did as a kids. Riding their bikes (all by their selves!) down to Van Dans to buy penny-candy. (Only to find out their mom followed them to take pictures)

It was really sour apparently 

And of course getting ice cream. It may have changed locations since I scooped my summers away as my summer job, but it still has that same feeling.

Mom, this isn't icecream

Just makes me happy. And maybe one day she'll braid her little girls hair and pull out the second hand dress she bought because she thought...hmmm, ice cream pictures and walk down to the parlour and feel the same. Or maybe she'll just look at these pictures and remember a good day, with her brothers chasing her and making her giggle, and snuggling on her grandma's lap while her grandpa's big hand  wipes her face with a scratchy napkin and her mom, as usual, clicking away, with the sweet cold of strawberry ice cream melting on her tongue.


Just Rhonda said...Best Blogger Tips

So good!! I'm serious about that Van Dan shot. That's a shot you blow up in your house! Love it!

Maureen said...Best Blogger Tips

Way to make a girl cry while she's at work. Everything about your parents' house reminded me of mine! We had that exact pancake griddle, but it bit the dust 7 years ago and we also had those same corelle plates with the gold flower pattern. I teared up at your prayer. Love you!