Saturday, June 18, 2016

Our Week in Photos: Peas, Pools and Park City

I'm loosing a bit of steam on my photo challenge (too myself), not getting my camera out as much, but then not being as content with my iPhone pics either.
Little moments like this, Hadley helping herself to Enoch's tray of peas. I took one with my phone and thought...nope that's not what I'm seeing. Got the big camera out and there it was.

smiling for mom/aka the person behind that camera thingy

oh, okay, apparently we're eating this

really mom? she doesn't think I can do this myself?

But look what a proud big sister she is!
Skipped school Monday Tuesday to take the kids up to Calgary for Ben's mom's university graduation. I think about stopping at the Smiley Face Barn, so this time 

Why I told them to turn around:)

My mother in law is one amazing lady. 

Going back to school was not an easy task! With kids still at home, working, and just doing all the millions of things that her good heart and desires to serve others pulled her to do-- the bravery and perseverance she showed is inspiring. 

After decades of encouraging and supporting her kids educational goals, I'm so thrilled that she was able to pursue her own, and set such an incredible example. 

We love you Mandy and are so very proud of you. 

Hotel pools are one of my kids happy places. Like look at that joy!

Hadley never stops talking. Neither do I. That's Benny's, trying hard to listen but I can't believe you're still talking face... I know it well.

These two, since getting there snorkle gear, rarely surface! I can still hear them fighting though, through their air tubes!

We've been having constant friends lately in and outta the house, and I love it. But it's nice to see my kids being friend too:)

Enoch's still not too sure of the water

We spent the rest of the week down in Park Cit, Utah for Ben's mid-summer Regional Retreat. Enoch came along and was a good little travel buddy, flirtin' in up with anyone who gave him any attention.

Mostly meeting for Ben, some shopping for me, a fun dinner night with the annual Bunco tournament.

It's always nice to get away and his company really does spoil us.

The last night we had a bit of downtime and went and enjoyed the hotels gourmet smores and swam in the pool before heading back to reality. Grateful for everyone who helped with the kids (they did waaay funner things with them than we woulda:)

Best part of the whole trip, was finally reading my book I've been waiting to get to!

What Ben was laughing at...

okay so I didn't take these ones...

   Happy to go with us, 
Happy to be home again too.