Thursday, April 19, 2012

We Believe in Aaron

Today we have our first transition meeting this afternoon for Aaron new school.
We will be leaving his beloved Coalhurst (which deserves it's own blubbery-full-of-gratitude post) next fall, to start grade 1 (full day...yikes!!!) at our neighbourhood school down the street. 

Well this is worse. A whole new school..heck new school district! 
I've been a mess. 
I've felt really good about this move, but today as it became real, and I realized if it's this hard for ME to start at square one, what will it be like for Aaron???

Deep down I know it will all turn out. It always does. 
I now I will look back and think how did we get such great teachers and aids, so suited to him? 
And I know the answer to the question: The Lord blessed us. Again.

Because at the end of the day after I've stressed about having just the right words, or paperwork, or photograph or video to transfer the devotion and belief I have in my son to these strangers-- in the end it is Aaron who wiggles into their hearts and transforms their job (however tough) into a privilege.

So even as I get all anxious, I know I'm not alone. As always in our journey there will be supportive wonderful team members, compassionate and helpful friends, amazing better than you could ever expect peers, and my Heavenly Father to hold me hand, as I hold Aaron's. 

You may struggle at times with painful emotions as you try to understand the disability of your child and your role as a parent. Having a child with unique needs, however, can be the beginning of a journey that leads to great spiritual blessings. Draw close to Heavenly Father and allow His Spirit to comfort and instruct you. Trust that God will make you equal to the challenge and will bless you with insight and understanding in making decisions regarding the welfare of your child.                   disabilities website

Last IPP meeting I felt that I wanted to write up our own little "document", regarding what we believe about Aaron, his roles in a classroom and the real benefits of inclusion. (Yup I totally copied the Articles of Faith!) I want to do another one of things WE KNOW for home based on this talk.

Okay time to be off to the meeting. I feel much calmer know. Thanks!


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

You don't know me, I found your blog through a friend. I am the parent of 5 special needs children and our oldest is the worst. He attends a school for children with special needs and we LOVE it. If you live in Calgary and want more information on it, look up The Third Academy it has two schools in Calgary.