Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Endowments, Easter Eggs and Experiencing the fun Grandma's Houses

After a week of Autism awareness and some moustache fun
Easter hadn't got really planned or prepared for... like at all.

Well part of the weekend was planned.  Ben's brother was going to the temple for the first time, and my brother's fiancé was going her first time the next day. So Easter weekend was full of beautiful reminders of the Saviour and the triumph of the plan that can grant us such perfect hope that "Sunday Will Come".
But as far as all the fun, cutsey kids stuff, I had nothing.

Imagine how thrilled I was to get 
back to Grandma Bretzke's after the temple Friday to find this:

Ben's fabulous sisters,
 had not only babysat the 6 grandkids, they'd managed to have them all decorate eggs too!!!!

Can you guess the fate of the egg Levi's holding?

On the Saturday, they rolled (or because it was MY boys, CHUCKED!) the eggs down the hill too.
Best Aunties ever!!!!

Sunday was out to Grandma Bowen's.

So excited to have a kitty to with.

Love his glowy ears

Nothing says "satisfied" like chocolate drool!

In Glenwood, you play in the street.

And it's fun!

Those mountains, that stretch right there: mine.

And when the street gets old, you play in the culverts.

Unless you Aaron and then you play with the gravel....forever, or until someone stops you.

McKye threw his ball in and was to scared to go get it. So, naturally, he sent his little brother in after it.
Who happily obliged.
Not the last of the McKye directed "quests" I fear.
He was sure proud.

Calming it down with Auntie Becka.

I do love my mom's house. I love how she loves the traditional

But is always looking for cute NEW traditions too. 
These darling little nesting birdies, were healthy AND delicious!

It makes me so happy that my kids have Grandma's that are so welcoming and accommodating,
 even to my wild sons. 
That "Grandma's House" whether Bowen or Bretzke will be places of wonderful memories for them...not that they'll have to remember, cuz I take o many darm pictures!

We played games at Ben's Uncle's house later that night, but apparently I was finally all pictured out. It was fun until we realized Aaron have flooded their basement with a water-cooler I was unaware of, soaking the piano on the floor beneath. 
We couldn't get through Easter completely uneventful now could we?

Actually our best Easter moment was during Family Home Evening Monday night.
We'd watch some New Testament videos, and put a cut out Jesus in and out of the tomb and then sneakily moving him so He was "All gone!"

Then, remembering McKye is my hands on/kinetic kid, made up the game "Resurrection."

We laid on the floor with our tongues hanging out "dead", until Mckye called out
Then we'd jump up and run in happy circles "Yay! We're Res-ected!"

We must have played at least a dozen rounds.

I'm grateful the resurrection is something I have always believed in. Individuals are just to complex and unique to even imagine them just ceasing to exist.

I think of my kids, they could be born a day and you can't imagine life without them. 
I'm grateful I can look those same kiddos in the eye and tell them, I know because of Jesus Christ we will all be resurrected and live again with Him and one another. 

I love the joy, and the triumph of Easter. The assurance that Christ has overcome, and that if we'll but come unto Him, we can every hope and happiness prepared for us.