Monday, April 23, 2012

Second Annual Bretzke-Leaviitt Bowling Extravaganza

"Extravaganza" as in, we went bowling once and then it took us a year before we went again.

Not because we didn't have fun, but just because apparently that how fast a year flies by.
A year ago I didn't even have a blog.

I looked up the pictures from last year and was blown away by 
how much all the kiddos had grown.

Aaron LOVES watching the pins topple over.

These two little cuties, just slept in their carseats last time.
Now look at them!
I seriously think Levi is just getting more handsome everyday! 

Um, in case you were wondering Levi sure did manage to lift that 6 lb ball!!!!!
Just once and briefly, but he did it.
He alo managed to go running down the lane a few times too.

McKye was super serious about what he calls "real bowling"(as opposed to on the Xbox.) He'd back up and chant "Gotta score, gotta score". 
He's asked everyday to go "real bowling"...he actually just saw this picture and said he wants to go.

Aw, to have a little poser

Levi was going nuts: "Ball! Ball!"

Til next year. 


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awww....cute! Love the pictures:)