Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring time galavanting

Levi's first words (other than mama, and dada):
Bah-bah (bottle)
Up! (with outstretched arms)
Baa! (ball)

And now the two syllable attempt to say "Out-side"'s not very close, but it's very clear because he runs to the backdoor and pleads!

I love when my boys can just roam in the backyard. Boys are just made for outside.

This will be my first summer in in 6 years, that I'll have neither a non-walking kid in toe, nor a baby in my belly.  Three walking (okay running) boys, I can stroll with to the park daily. I'm pretty excited.

This was our afternoon the other day.

X marks the of our favorite spots:
 The lake in Sunridge, that oddly enough we didn't even know was there when we bought this house.
We love it! Not as "man-made" feeling. We like out nature a little messy, thank-you very much.

Back to his favorite past time.

Aaron's aid Joy, is just that, a total Joy. 

A little bug, McKye said he found on his nose.

What a stud.

That;s right ladies, this is a step 2 I be drivin!

Little more Spring in our step


Who needs pants to rock climb?

The way homes always a bit tougher than getting there.
It was a lovely few hours, and guess what?
The dishes waited for us just fine.