Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moustache Birthday Bash

Remember how on my Light it up Blue post, I said 
my favorite part of throwing a party is taking the pictures??? 
Well thanks to my good friend Amanda, that's exactly what I get to do each time her kids have a birthday.  And man alive does she throw cute parties. 

Watson's latest was a Moustache Birthday Bash!

I did get recruited to make the pin the moustache on the gentleman poster. Handsome bloke, ain't he?

Not as handsome as this little man though. I kinda got obsessed with Levi's cuteness. (Plus other people weren't as excited for me to be snapping pictures of them in fake moustaches....so lots of Levi it is)

Maybe one day we'll have a party free of our fav orange sponsor:)

Cuter on the kiddos, me thinks.

Watson found the mis-placment of moustaches pretty darm hilarious.

Mentos and Coke..ingenious present!

THe dangers of sitting to close to a balloon.

I LOVE this picture cuz I have TOTALLY feel exactly what Amanda is feeling right here...her face says it all.

It all worked out...we got one:

"This sucker is another tricky moustache isn't it?!?"


Brett said...Best Blogger Tips

So cute! Great job guys!! And happy birthday Watty!