Thursday, March 29, 2012

While daddy's away (Episode 1)

Last weekend while Ben was down in Utah, doing important work things....
and getting to listen to this guy:

Me and the boys practiced being daddy-less.
We've gotten pretty good at it. A groove of sorts.

So here's how we did it, this time.

First, we ignored the giant bag of Cheerios spilled in the playroom  (easy-access snacks, right?)

 Then mommy spent the evening watching her latest TV love. Not exactly Ben's first pick:)

In the morning (think I only got up 5 or 6 times) we rolled outta bed,
into the van and ate oreos for breakfast on the way to  Grandma Bowen.

 with only a few picture stops along the way.

Me and my dad ran into the Temple. 

While the boys did fun things at Grandma's,

like line up chickens???

After lunch we popped in on our friends the Oviatts, who have the most amazing little basket of toys. Always seems like there's something "new"(lots of the toys are older than me) to discover in it.
But the castle is still the undisputed favorite.

McKye discovered Sheldon's acting skills and giggled with delight watching him dramatically die a couple dozen times, from his "pew pew" gun shots.

 Then it was off to the Glenwood school hill for some sledding!!! (and picture taking, of course )

His ski-hill-"smoulder"

Until everyone was just tuckered right out
                                       No really, REALLY tuckered out

 It was a good day. 
After hugs and thank you's to grandma and stoping in on my good friends birthday party
we were on our way home, ready for daddy to return in the middle of the night, excited to tell him of all our adventures in the morning.

On the drive I kept looking back at my kids in the rear view mirror and lyrics from a Josh Groban song kept coming to my mind.

...sometimes it's more than just enough
When all that you need to love
Is in front of your eyes.

Right there in that mirror was reflected back my world. The three little things I love more than anything in this world, all strapped in ready to go with their mamma wherever she decided--trusting me to show them the world, one Saturday of sledding at a time.


Alana said...Best Blogger Tips

I love how happy Mckye looks to be sledding. Way better Mom than me, only one of my kids have gone sleeding and that was awhile ago.

cc said...Best Blogger Tips

I just love your kids! What a great post:)

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

Alana my dear this would be our ANNUAL sledding trip, so I can have wintery pictures in the family album (that I'm behind on).
McKye cried the whole time i was putting the snow-pants on him, cuz he didn't know what they were.

No comparing missy! (cuz I know of LOTS of things you do beter than me!)

Oh and there was no picture of my and McKye bowling over Aaron. Or the big goose egg Levi got from slipping.

It was fun....but pictures don't always tell the whole story;) Which is why I take them!

Crystal HW said...Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like a great time. Glad to see that Daddy free weeks/weekends are spent in fun, and taken as they come for others than me.