Saturday, March 10, 2012

I hope the call me on a mission, to....

Just after midnight, Ben was shaking me awake.
 If you know me, sleep is not something I get a lot of. 
It was a good thing he had a good reason. 

His brother Sam got his mission call. 
And even though he'd planned to come down and open it with all the family, at midnight, he decided he couldn't take it anymore.

I wish I could put the video up...cuz my sis-in-law's face says it all (if your my FB friends, it funny). 

All conference called in, our family experienced a collective jaw-drop as he announced he was going to... 


Sam said just knowing he's going there, has already made so many things not matter. 
Which is interesting because that same night Ben and I watched the Kony 2012 video, and Ben said the same thing: "Huh, the things I was worrying about seem pretty dumb now."

I've had so many thoughts (and as always I feel incapable of really expressing them). 
It was so interesting to have his call be the same week all the Kony stuff exploded. 

To be reminded of the atrocities, the injustice, the blood and horror...

But then to sit, and listen to one young man being ordained as an Elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood, so that he could exercise and call on the power of God to bless individuals, to promise them blessings and offer them hope beyond any earthly hardship.

That was power. 

It wasn't as exciting as red banners and viral videos (which, don't get me wrong I applaud for the sheer initiative and ingenuity of it)

It was so quiet--obscure. A handful of his family there to witness. 

Yet the gospel he will share will change lives, it will save generations. 

I know this sound naive (I'm basically telling the plot of the broadway musical "The Book of Mormon"...young optimistic missionaries go into remote African village, ravaged by warlord)

But as a sat and watched Sam later that night offer his first Priesthood blessing to his own mother, his hands shaking, unsure how to begin or how he would know what to say, flanked by his brother and brother in law---worthy, humble, reassuring. 

You'll know, they said, with knowing grins.

Hearing Sam's voice, cease to be his own, void of his own motivations or notions, enveloped in the the will of God, His message and His love flowing out upon the head of His daughter. 

The word and counsel of God, ours for the asking. Accessible. Open. Close. There. With us.


The policies of nations, the clamour of cabinets, the outcries for political and social change may play a role, but the are not the answer, nor are they the real power.

The real power is in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the answer. 

Are there steps to that? Is there physical, political and social ills that need reformation? 
Of course. 

But the gospel of Jesus Christ still is the answer. 

I'm so excited for Sam to go and share with people the message of the restored gospel and his testimony of Jesus Christ and His power to save.


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that is awesome! We have some friends from Zimbabwe if he wants to get in touch with them...

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