Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Part of the family

On Sunday afternoon McKye announced:

"I so happy!
McKye Bretzke happy.
Levi Bretzke happy.
Aaron Bretzke happy.
Mommy Bretzke happy.
Dad Bretzke happy!
Bretzke happy!!!!"

 (the little moments of happiness...we'll take em!)

If you couldn't tell he's obsessed with our last name. 

He calls Aaron's therapist Joy (who he is also obsessed with) Joy BRETZKE!

When he wanted to know where Tallie and Paigie and MOM were going, I tried to tell him Paigie an Tallie's mom had a name--Andy. 

"Andy Bretzke?"

But the best yet, was this morning. 

I was trying to find a teachable moment out of yet another case of McKye torturing his little brother (he'd taken Levi's toys one by one from him and brought them upstairs while I was in the shower)

I was babbling on trying to hatch some empathy out of my stubborn middle child, "Does it make Levi happy when you take his toys? What would Jesus do? Would he want you to..."

McKye interrupted with what you could tell form his face was a total breakthrough:

"Jesus Bretzke!?!!?"
Sure McKye--- Jesus Bretzke, if that means you'll try and be like him and stop making Levi Bretzke miserable, Jesus Bretzke it is.

Welcome to the family Jesus.

Speaking of obsession, Levi wants his coat on all the time. We're happy to oblige.


Ryley, Trish and Grayson said...Best Blogger Tips

Jesus Bretzke... I knew there was something familiar about him.

Seriously though, I laughed hard.