Monday, March 19, 2012


Everyone was already loaded in the car. 
Ready to go. Except Levi, who was in his carseat shoeless.

I'd been in and out for the umpteenth (not sure what number that is exactly, but I' sure that's how many times Id gone back in the house for this or that) and still the missing shoe had not turned up.

McKye is calling out instructions from his cars seat throne, 
"Train li-BREE,  maw-MEE! Train li-BREE" 

(Doesn't it stinks that inorder to motivate kids to get in the car you hafta to tell them where you're going, and they're always seem so paranoid you'll forget. Every 3 minutes of the hour long car ride to mine or Ben's mom's the dictator in the five-point harness yells "Grandma's house!!!! Grandma's house!!!)

"We just need Levi's shoes, buddy, then I promise, we're on our way to the library to see the train." (and get mom's hold that she was unable to get last time because she showed up wallet-less)

The only problem I was out of places to look. 

"Then why dont' you pray." The Spirit gently suggested.

McKye gets that we pray-- as a mealtime preliminary, or a bedtime preamble--- but I've been wondering if he is grasping the whole concept of talking to Heavenly Father.

Perfect opportunity.  In my best story from the Friend voice, I say "McKye, why don't we say a little prayer and ask heavenly Father to help us find Levi's shoe?"

"Okay," whatever you say mom, as long as sometime soon I get to see a train.

I say a quick little prayer and then...

...I panicked!

I'm fine with the Lord not answering my prayers. I know enough about "according to His will" and other clauses, like my own lack of faith, that prevent our petitions from being granted exactly in the way or time-table we'd like.

But this was my child's blossoming faith on the line! What if... 

and there it was, the shoe. In the very closet I'd scoured only moments before
A tender mercy with Velcro clasps.

 Was it about finding a silly shoe?
Gee, nope. It was about me finding out more about faith.

Because I realized all the mind games of "Am I doubting?" or "Do I have enough faith?" only complicate something very simple.

Asking Heavenly Father for help and believing that He will,
because He loves us.
Trusting, just like a child.

He may not always answer our prayers in less than a minute, but today He did.
He must know that's about the limit of McKye's attention span.

Oh, and we made it to the library.

..some of us a little tired, but we made it.

PS I tried to have McKye help me tell this story at FHE tonight. Total flop. Took like ten prompts just to get him to say shoe. When I said "did we find it? "He said, with a super sad face, shaking his head, "Nope, we nevered." I was like, "Yes we did!" So much for our Friend worthy life.


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Just Rhonda said...Best Blogger Tips

Loved this whole post. :) It is hard when we are telling our kids to pray and then thinking "this is going to work out right??"