Monday, March 26, 2012

Skin! Washable Skin!

If you didn't sing that title to the tune of Oliver's Food, glorious food, go back and read/sing it again.

The laundry, due to McKye's continued potty training, has been rather hefty as of late. 
I detest unfolded laundry and try not to wash anymore than I'm willing to fold and put away. 
I'm a fast folder-- can fold a whole basket in the time my dear precise husband manages a couple towels ("bless his heart" would be the correct term to rescind me of any husband bashing accusations, correct? Hey, he takes out the garbage like a champ! I'll take it)
Okay, back to me being a wicked-fast-foldin-machine. 
Kids loads are the worst! They take forever!!! All those little articles of clothing that are so easily crammed into my accommodating front loader. 

I try to get McKye to "help" me put them away, which results in Levi "helping" too.  I've learned to reserve these trainings for times I'm feeling especially patient (aka not very often). 

Today, having finally got around to emptying my full to max iPhone of photos, I noticed a little trend in Levi's attire or lack thereof.

When did I stop dressing my child?

But then, to combat the encroaching mommy-guilt,  I quickly thought of all the benefits of his diaper claud galavanting.

Number one of the list? Washability.

God make skin marvellously washable. 
And for that, today I'm feeling very grateful. 

He had so much fun squishing the pudding in his little fist as it squirted in ever direction. 

Toothpaste doubled for body paint today.
I'm pretty sure McKye actually did most of the painting, he just framed his little brother by handing him the brush.

And so, for now, I think we'll just keep hangin' out in diapers.