Wednesday, March 7, 2012

my life: as seen on Instagram

I love Instagram

I love having my phone with me at all time and being able to take  crappy "phone" pictures and make em fun with a only a few touches of the screen. 

But I do feel like then when I put them on my blog it feels like "overshare".
Oh well. Let's just say it's for my mom. Okay? Okay. 

For you my cell-phone-less mommy. 

We'll start with one of her and her newest granddaughter Cassidy who I met this Saturday. She's a total doll. And such a good sleeper, at least while we were there. (how do I get me one of those???)

 My other little niece Kamber was there. I love this shot of her being so lovely and still, and my boys being smeary blobs of ever-moving energy. (Again, how do I get me one of those?)

 Another niece Evanny, got in on the picture taking fun. Girl after my own heart.

 Boy cousins bonding. 
Love how they instinctually know the unspoken rule of keeping at least a cushion between ya.

I was really excited about this here double wide ketchup packet. Texted it to Ben who nonchalauntly told me he's seen em around. Apparently I need to get out more.

Sunday, was lovely. After church I disappeared into my bedroom for a while after church.  When I came back downstairs McKye annouced, "mommy! mommy!" THey way he does when we return home from somewhere. Ha, ha fooled him!

I was glad I rested a bit, after three hours of Visiting Teaching interviews, (during which my hubby sent me this)

 our presidency stayed for another thee and a half hours re-doing all the routes! We were just in the zone and when we finally decided to look at a clock it was after midnight!!! Oppsies.
Ben just grinned at me, when I got home, like, "Huh, guess this erases a few of my Slightly late home from work s now doesn't it!?!"

We stayed up even longer (which it's hard to regret couple time) HOWEVER, the rest of the night was pretty rough.  McKye woke up in total night terrors and ended up sprawled in our bed and I eventually ended up in his bed with Levi.

 And to top it all off, Aaron decided he was well rested and got up for the day at 3.
 Many people ask me what Aaron does when he gets up at 3am?
Well besides turning on all the lights and all the faucets to full blast, he also did this
with a VERY LARGE bag of pretzels. 
As you can see, we're back to just a mattress on the floor as he broke yet another bed. 
I'm thinking maybe a very high loft bed with a tent underneath??? (it's so hard to spend the money when we don't know if he'll deem it acceptable enough to actually sleep in) Lately we've been finding him curled up in his ikea pop up tent most mornings.

Never underestimate Aaron's resolve.
The kicker? All the carefully rescued pretzels met their soggy demise after all. 
I happened upon Aaron's handy work moments before his therapist was due to I've never been so grateful for a garbage disposal!

I comforted myself with my favorite treat right now.

At least Levi put himself down for his nap.

Still after a long tiring day of what seemed like endless messes... (there was a throw-up one Ben said was too gross to share)

McKye decided he'd had a great sleep in mommy's spot last night and was ready to stay up and party with mom and dad. He rather enjoyed an episode of Parenthood (interpreting various emotions from the acting, "He's sad?" "She's happy!" the whole time) til he finally zonked and was carried to bed.

He was up bright an early to supervise my date with Jillian Michaels.
Eating oreos while someone is trying to work out is just rude buddy-- rude!

I have been trying to work out.  With varying degrees of succes.  I by far prefer outside.

 away from the kiddos... (Levi, "helping" mamma with leg-lifts)

and then I have these for breakfast...oppsies

And that is my life according to instagram lately:)

It's fun! (you can find me as chelseabelleb)...
let me know if you have an account so I can follow YOUR life!
(and/or random picture of frosty trees:)


kelseyp said...Best Blogger Tips

I don't know why i cannot seem to figure out instagram on my phone.. I need help! All of your iPhone pics are so cute!

yoga mamma said...Best Blogger Tips

If people tell you that you have your hands full tell them that you would rather have them full than empty! I must admit that Levi on the ledge made my heart race...

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

kelsey: who needs iphone pics when you'!??!

Juli: I like the phrase, "if you think I have my hands full, you should see my heart!"

And Levi, well he's pretty darn resilient/adventurous..this afternoon he climb onto a kitchen chair and then somehow was hanging from both arms off the back of it, not even concerned, I helped him down and he ran off giggling.