Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Family Home Evening moment of triumph!

Well tonight after a desperately needed grocery run 
following a ketchup massacre super, 
and free cookie from the bakery for dessert.

We got home (man, grocery runs are exhausting: into the cart, onto the check out, back in the cart, into the van whilst freezing our little tushies, outta the van and then finally putting them all away, I'm tuckered just thinking about it)
we played a little soccer 
(for realsies even, as in not on the kinect...sheesh)
watched a a Book of Mormon story

and McKye said the closing prayer. 

At both breakfast and lunch once we had everyones arms folded I'd say "go for it McKye" and he'd say
"No, want YOU go for it."
So tonight when he was saying "No daddy do it" Ben pulled a little switcharoonie on him and said , "Okay McKye you help daddy, 
what do I say?"
McKye was gracious enough to help his father out.

"Dear Heavenly Father, 
Thank you for.... Kye! (not self absorbed at all)
Thank you for....Aaron.
Thank you for Lee-vye.
Thank you for.................primary(!!!!)

What what?? Yup you heard it right folks! Unprompted the boy that made me write this, thanked his Heavenly Father for primary, and made his mamma's night.

 He thought he was soooo funny thwarting mommies efforts to take a picture of his face.

Levi apparently prefers basketball

Good night. Good, good night.

I said...goof night, McKye!