Friday, January 13, 2012

Coming OR Radomnization after vacation

Less than a week with out wi-fi and my brain is as stuffed full as my carry-on luggage was!

The afore mentioned luggage right now is sitting in chaotic piles of 2am arrival-exhaustion, in the middle of our front room. 

I conscientiously decided unpacking felt more like a Saturday job, wouldn't you agree???
So there it sits patiently, while I stare at my kids, trying to pinpoint exactly how they changed in the last 5 days 
(cuz they totally have!) 

I love coming home to my kids. I love their first sight of me, when I feel like the just the most important, special person in the while world! I love looking at them like their brand new. How McKye has new words, and Levi has new ways of wriggling his eyebrows before his smile ( that looks just a little more toothy) breaks out and makes me fall more in love with him. I love how Aaron for days is even more snuggly (if at all possible) and takes even deeper breaths of me as he pretends to kiss my cheek when he's; really making sure his mamma still smells the same. I even love the first time (not long after our reuniting) that I feel annoyed, or impatient and I remind myself, "remember how much you missed them?"

And then I smile at the irony of the amount of joy this crazy parenting gig pays out.

It's just the best. In all it's ketchup smearing, toy-scattering, ill-timed whining glory!

So instead of putting our lives back together... right away (my foundation that leaked all over my makeup bag, is just sitting there on the counter waiting to be taken care of) we just settled back into each other first.

I'm catching up on blogs  and blogging (though I have a pretty bad track record of actually getting to posting far I have Spokane, Idaho and DC to still do;) Oh and ofcourse watching this weeks Parenthood (my fav TV show by miles!)

Besides starting at my kiddos, I keep creeping into my  kitchen and getting giddy over the new paint job!!! Even he doors are still curing (sp?) I can already see the finished product in my mind, the new way the light is gonna dance all over, gleaming off the "white chocolate"... how delicious is THAT for a kitchen paint colour name?

I had lots of interesting thoughts while I was a way. 
But now home they don't seem as significant.

My whole world is nestled back in between my arms where it belongs.

Fries with more "chup" 
and big smiles, on his getting so grown up face!

I went back and forth between these two picture on my camera two dozens time, mesmerized by the transition from his supple, open, lost in those baby-blues face, to his sqinchy nose, twinkle-eyed goofy grin.

 Aaron was busy making the puzzle his babysitter said he put together all week...
 before zonking out. He was up early a couple mornings/nights thsi week on his poor, yet so wonderful about it (especially cuz she pregnant!) babysitter. 
Not gonna lie it a was a little validating to have someone, who I nigh-on worship as one of thee most spectacular moms I know, look at me and say "Chels, I don't know how you do it!"

How do I do it? I guess I go on vacation every once in a while so I remember that of all the sights in the whole wide world nothing touches, fills or inspires me more than this.