Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two sides to every Christmas

Christmas felt a little bit like a marathon this year.
Yesterday was the first day in 10 that it was just me and my boys.
Funny how a little change-up can get you appreciating the everyday.

While I have loads of photos to post, for now I thought this one from a Christmas long ago kinda wrapped it up:

There were moments where I felt like me on the the left: calm, pleasant, grateful.
But there were also a bunch of moments were I felt more like my littles sister on the right: distraught, emotional, tense and wishing I had some cuter boots.

My thoughts about the new year?
Also pending. They're still whirling about in my head and heart, trying to distill...some, including a few goals are written in my journal (which has suffered significantly since I began blogging) and I'm trying to decide if they should just stay there, safe, or if "proclaiming" them will help me feel greater accountability to accomplish them....thoughts?

life is so uncapturable.

I could blog pages everyday and still only have slivers of all I
feel and think and learn.

I love this line from Sue Monk Kidd's Secret Life of Bees  

"My heart never stops talking"

The drafts of unfinished posts piling up certainly attest to this.
Maybe it's a good thing not everything that spews from my heart gets posted here.

Happy New Year....the marathon of life continues!