Saturday, January 14, 2012

Listography! List 54: Things to do this Winter

My friend (more accurately hero, as in "when I grow up I wanna be Rhonda!") is so good at having all these little allotted blog days, photo Friday, 10 on Tuesday, Spiritual Sundays. 

I think this is such a good system, apparently and unfortunately though, turns out I'm not very systematic.

But I had expressed interest in her Listography, so she (like the awesome person she is) emailed me the lists for this year, and I'm gonna give it a go.

List 54: Things to do this Winter
(not even considering attempting any "catch up" but I'll use the numbers to keep me on track)

Rhonda's was so outdoorsy and full of snow adventures. While I like an occasional stroll in the glittery white banks full of wonder, winter is a hibernation time for us, a time to catch up on my indoorsy projects before spring dandelions call us back out of our cubby holes, into the blue-sky- fill-your-lungs sunshine. 
Look at me rambling when I suppose to be writing a list! We'll see if my stream of consciousness brain can handle this structure!

1. Finish our family iPhoto albums (and maybe even a little wedding one?)

2.Submit something to Segullah (any posts you think are good candidates?)

3. Collect friend's GO TO recipes to expand our supper repertoire. (got any good ones? your regular go tos, nothing too fancy or complex)

4. Take and post before and afters of my whole house whether its perfectly done or not!...cuz let's face it, there will always be more I wanna do. (ie My kitchen cupboards just got painted while we were away and I LOVE THEM....but now I have big plains to add a bead-board back splash and the floor is practically calling out "don't forget about me!" Changes just lead to more changes, I get how people get sucked in real quick! But I promise pictures soon.

5.  Snuggle with Benny. Get those kiddos to bed and forget not to take these evenings for granted because all too soon summer will be here and he'll be traveling half the time again. Sigh.

6. Ponder, especially in the mornings. Let the wintry darkness hold my love ones captive in the warmth of their blankies, while I arise and in the stillness only winter mornings can fully create, contemplate my existence, my purpose, my being, and my God, His love, His involvement, His direction.

That sounds about right. Between figuring out how to get McKye to go to swim lesson and sunbeams, get rid of Levi's diaper rash (he's running naked right now trying to give it some air) and get Aaron all meshed with his new home aid. I'd say we're booked til at least springtime;)

I'm so grateful for the seasons, and their natural shifts in focus, their own unique lessons and teaching styles. Old man winter...such an appropriate personification. An old wise, slow man, who has learned much and has much to tell.

LIST one (well technically 54) done.


yoga mamma said...Best Blogger Tips

I think your 'goal words for 2012' is a great post...the photos are beautiful, it is inspiring, real, and poetic.

Just Rhonda said...Best Blogger Tips

:) great list!! I was just thinking about winter!