Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Our Week in Photos: Around the Farm, at the Park and on Girl's Weekend

 Last week was our Spring Break, and Benny was away in Utah for work. On Sunday night we decided last minute to go out to a bday celebration for my sister-in-law in taber...which then was just too temptingly close to my sisters. Soooooo, I ended up texting her last minute and going out to her place for a totally unplanned cousins sleepover. 

We borrowed jammies/slept in our clothes and then stayed in our jammies/slept in clothes the whole day. We had a lot of fun "playing farm kids", handing out the rubber boots and trompsing around gathering buckets for the calving thats about to start. 

It was hard for me not to wipe there dirty little faces, or fix anyones hair, adn just capture the fun in all it's smudgey glory:)

Hadley took a little warming up to the kitties

I could take photos of these two goofballs all day. They are just such great little buddies and are at that wonderful stage where they don't mind showing/can't seem to hide their affection:)

 Lots of cute cousinly relationships

 I broke my rule about not editing,
cuz I just knew these couple woul be so good warmed up a bit.

Keep gazing out at those cows Krista! (My sexy sister in her farm wife glory!)

And her darling baby Nora

Levi was the only one that actually collected buckets, and he was pretty proud of himself

 I still had a lot of days to kill, so the next evening I told the kids to pack something for super, we were going to the park for a picnic. Apples and other random snacks were thrown into grocery bags and off we went. I took my book....btu I also took my camera, and I didn't end up reading a single page!

Somehow I made it to Thursday evening, when I got to kiss my children good bye, leaving them with a lovely babysitter and head to Montanna for a much anticipated girl's weekend at a friends cabin. I didn't get the camera out a ton, but I did get a few shots I rather like. 

Kaitlin got some good ones too:)

Enoch's first fire
 Speaking of Enoch....Apparently he was a cute little carrier of a nasty flu bug. We caught on after some massive puking on the way down and the insane amount of diapers he went through. He was rather pleasant despite being ill, until he began infecting everyone else!!!!

Who me?

He was so sneaky, being all cute and cuddley while he slobbered his germs on everyone!