Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our Week in Photos: Piano, Playing at the family Center and one cute 6 month old Enoch

 I'm realizing this project is much less about actually documenting our week, that still happens much more accurately with iPhone pics posted on instagram, than it is about the couple random times I picked up my big camera this week. Which is fine. i wanted to use my actual camera more and I am. So it's all good. It's just funny at the end of the week seeing what I have to post.

I did chose to take some piano shots, because that'a a fairly daily part of life for us.
Levi and McKye both started piano (pin-an-o, if your levi, cant pronounce is for the life of him!)
But this year I struck a deal with a friend who lives near by. She teachers my boys back to back lessons, at the same time I teach her two girls. It's been fabulous trade! If we have a busy or just a bad week, we don't mind canceling on each other. It's been the perfect amount of commitment for us, admist basketball, soccer and karate.

I know those all looked very similar, but there were subtle little things I liked about each one, so too bad you get em all!
 McKye doesn't like to formally practice, but the kids plays all. the. time. He'll get out a bed and wander downstairs for breakfast but play a quick scale or two in between pouring his cereal and his milk. We got him a simplified version of Fight Song...I've now officially heard the song 3.4 gazillion times.

This is McKye playgin Iam a Child of God a few times right before heading out the door for school.

He ALWAYS stands,
never sits when he plays
The was Ben teaching him Fight Song in the key
 she actually sings it,
 so now he can play along with it off youtube

We love the Family Center. We have gone there for years, to participate in their Autism playgroups. Last Friday I decide to lug along my camera because it has such nice lighting. Ended up not taking too many photos,...too many great moms I wanted to chat with! Got a few though. (Ironically none of Aaron)

And the best part of our family center visits? 
Hand down the Escalators. Every time. 

Mr. Enoch man turned 6 months this week. 
He's wonderful.  He decided soothers are poison and he'd waaaay rather "sooth" latched onto his mommy, just like all his brothers, but other than that, he is just a delightful little guy. So smiley and flirty. Loves grabbing things and sitting up. He wants to crawl but so far just holds his tubby self up in down ward dog/plank positions till he collapses. His dark (blue? brown? grey?) eyes are my very fav. He loves his siblings and just is rather chill about joining our crazy, ruckus of a family. We have a little neighbour girl that adores him and comes to hold him all the time...which is AWESOME!!! He loves her so much! Whenever he sees her, he'll lean right outta my arms and reach for her.  I'm cool being a wet-nurse. Anyways, love him to pieces, and 6 months is one of my fav baby stages. SO here's a few photos for me to remember my happy, growing Ennnnnnnn (that's what Hadley calls him:)

Blue steel, didn't last long before.......

Mr. Goofy took over

Figured out too late my I needed to up my shutterspeed, but I still like his little expression.