Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What did I do at the park before??? (aka instagrams galore!)

No really! Before my instagram, what did I do at the park???
Maybe I took a book. That must be it cuz I'm way behind on my reading!
It's so fun to just have my phone with me--making me look at my kids playing, capturing little memories of ordinary little trips to the park. I like that there "Everyday"-ish instead of just special days like birthdays or big trips. Just little jaunts to the park. Immortalized with an iPhone.

Sooo here's a whole whack of park pictures...

Why do I take so many? This post explains. Memories, yes. Gratitude, yes. 
It's my way of making myself  really "be" there. Really seeing and trying to capture the moment, so one day I can look back at these little "phone pics" and remember.

Our fav park downtown (usually visited after the library) Has awesome big mature trees! 
McKye calls it the "blue park".

Playing "real" sports at Probe.

We love walking around Sunridge, it's the most "naturey",
 with bunnies and red-winged black birds, duck, geese. It's wonderful.

Little walk with just evi after a frustrating day. 
This was his way of telling me "it's okay, mom."

First trip to Riverstone (that's not what it's called, I can never remember the real name, but that's the neighbourhood). Our favorite rock throwing park.

A quick little before bedtime trip to the park in jammies.

Riverstone again, also our favorite springtime park 
for sheer blossom-ness!


I'm also in love with the little tree in our very own front yard!
 It's gone through quite the transformation this spring (and it goes purple the fall)

It's always nice to come home after the park. 
So glad it's for nice weather, so me and my boys can just be outside.
 Grateful for a great neighbourhood with lots of fabulous park options. 
Grateful for cute boys, who like to be barefoot...just like their mamma.

* * * * **
Before I got around to posting this, we had a couple more park trips.

I even take pictures of other people's kids!  Remember these tubby babies??? the cuteness continues!

The rocks were too big at Henderson, so Aaron did some recruiting.
Stroller envy.


Amy said...Best Blogger Tips

These are all so great, you're talented even with just an iphone. I especially like the recruiting one haha, and stroller envy. Wow, your family sure visits the parks often, we need to do it more I guess.

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

recruiting? And yes parks are my sanity, so we go a lot.

Amy said...Best Blogger Tips

Aaron recruiting Dad to help toss the bigger rocks.