Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

Sometimes I still see that little word


scrawled in crayon with a teacher's helping hand, or hear a little voice, playing with the instinctual sound of ma-ma-ma-ma on their little baby lips, preparing for the day they it will transform to the toddler screech of, "Maw-MEE!" 

I still can't believe that little word is me.

I'm a mom.

The most universal role on earth (everybody's got one) and yet, if you let yourself think about it long enough, it's crazy!

The creation and care of a totally unique, one of a kind human! YOUR KID. 

Yours. No one will love them as much, ever. 
Sister Hinckley said so (speaking to a group of young adults):

"Did you ever stop to think what a terrible responsibility you are to your parents? Not only are they required to feed you and clothe you and educate you, but from the moment you were placed in their keeping it became their responsibility to see that you are taught to live a life that is fitting for a child of God, that you might someday return to Him as pure as the day you came. What a staggering responsibility! We feel it. Most of the mistakes we make are because we love you so much. We are so anxious for you to do your best that we get clumsy in our anxiety. We don't know how to communicate with you and we bungle. But it is only because we love you. And you had better appreciate it, because no one will ever love you as much. Your husband will love you, your wife will love you, but let me disillusion you right now--it will not be the way your mother and father love you. Theirs is as close to unselfish love as we now on earth...Home is where you are loved the most and act the worst. but I have come to the conclusion that it is in the home where we are tested the most." (Sister Hinckley)

It's true. 

 I sit listening to Aaron's kindergarten present their mother's day program, and realize all the moms are looking at their kid, thinking they are the cutest. 

When really Aaron is! 

As he stands there "enduring", trying to stifle his obvious boredom by playing with air in his cheeks.

This darling boy who initiated me into motherhood.

Speaking of darling, guess which mother of boys got to go to her first tea party birthday!?!
I'm pretty sure I had more fun then all the kids!

I bought myself a scarf for mother's day--- You see, Ben's figure out I like having "reasons" to buy myself things, more than I like gifts. I get my purchasing justified and he doesn't hafta stress about his hard to buy for wife (who is also horrible and hiding disappointment). It works for us.

 Aaron got up at 4am on Mother's Day morning. And I was surprisingly okay with it.
Ben had every intentino of making me breakfast, but I kinda beat him to it.

I kept thinking of something someone (was it you??) who told me once about how she celebrates mother's day. 

Instead of trying to escape all things motherhood she said, she likes to spend her mother's day doing motherly things, with more gratitude. 

It was good practice for me 
(who can get pretty darn resentful, pretty darn quick).

Oh, and Ben made super.

Plus I make prettier breakfasts anyways.

Pulled an ol' polka dot skirt outta my closet for church. 
Thought it had a nice "nod to the maternal" about it. 

Listened to some fabulous talks on motherhood...one of the best I've ever heard in fact.
(Aaron feel asleep, surprise, surprise).
Thoroughly enjoyed a lesson on family history, that has inspired me to turn my maritimes vacation into a genealogy expedition!

And then was greeted with another mother's day flower and this happy face.

Made Ben try and get a quick photo of me and my boys 
(I think I musta cried all my makeup off at church!)

I'll take it. 

I'll take them too! These three crazy boys the Lord figured would be just right for me.
And they so are. 
I know He knows I'm just what they need too. 

Happy Mother's Day all!

And now.....time for my mother's day nap!