Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet wonderful primary teachers, putting up with my kid's crap...literally

We all know Aaron's not a fan of clothes. But Aaron has decided that summer and clothes REALLY  don't mix. And if he's gonna go through all the hassel of removing the clothes his mother annoyingly keeps placing on him, he might as well go to the bathroom in them first....Yup, there's been lots of nakedness, lots of poop, resulting in lots of panic (potty training Aaron was a endeavor that literally took years, and a behavior I'm really not willing to see regress).

We're hoping to chalk it up to a phase. All be it, a very annoying, messy and often embarrassing phase.

Like at church. Yup, middle of his primary lesson, he pooped his pants and then proceeded to try and remove his soiled britches right there on the spot. (In sacrament he'd already taken the opportunity to run up onto the stand during closing prayer, and was about to climb up the half-wally-thing,until he deciede running down the wheel chair ramp looked even funner...I return him to the pew a second too late to catch my baby from falling off the bench, whacking his head and erupting in understandable screams) ...but little did we know, all this is to be eclipsed by the pooping five year old.  Aaron's class actually has two boys on the spectrum (how's that for increasing statistics) so there's three teachers. Two of which are this sweet married couple who I adore, and I count among our blessings every Sunday. they are nothing short of you are about to find out.

The husband often cuddles with Aaron or takes him on little walks if he needs a break. He was the one that brought him to me to clean up.

And instead of going home and complaining with his wife about the 5 year old that isn't even potty trained properly...what does he do?

He goes home and writes me a face book message, telling me good things about Aaron's day:

Hi Chelsea, thanks for rescuing me with Aaron this morning. We are just not prepared for these kind of accidents. :-)
On a more pleasant note. I was very surprised to notice two special things with Aaron today.
First in singing time he is always attentive and follows the actions going on but I have never seen him participate beside pulling my hands to do the actions for the song. This time when we were singing the temple song he made all by himself the "temple sign" (two finger pointing upward looking like a steeple.) 
Another thing I have not seen him do before is lining up his books on the floor. He took each book one by one out of the bag , read the book and laid them down one by one in a straight line on the floor.
Thanks for the opportunity to "borrow" your boy for two hours every Sunday. I really enjoy the experience.

I know one of the harder things parents experience with their kid's autism, is people judging them and their kids. Because they can't SEE autism, they assume things about the "bad" behaviors. I've heard my share of these heart-breaking stories.

Which is why I wanted to share a positive one.
People can learn. People can experience our kids for themselves, and learn to love them.
People can be amazing and surprise you with their patience and their willingness to adapt, include and love.

So to Aaron's dear, sweet, amazing, supportive, flexible and just all around wonderful primary teachers
thank you. For taking the time to love a child that is different.

Even if he poops in your class.

PS prayers for Aaron's potty-training to get back on course are welcomed:)