Monday, July 11, 2011

O Canada!

So, those of you on facebook saw these a while a go. I'm still figuring that particular duplication out.

Canada Day. I'm a little patriotic, not gonna lie. Well, I;m sentimental, and one of the things I get sentimental about is my country. 

I love our flag ( as will be obvious as you scroll down to the my photos).

 I love our anthem. (Seriously, not very political , but if anyone ever tried to get the lyrics to O Canada changed, I'd be stormin' parliament!) In fact, I CAN NOT sing O Canada without gettign emotional.

I love how it is basically a prayer
"God keep this land, glorious and free"
 and a pledge
"O Canada, we stand on guard for thee."
Almost a covenant. 
Yup, I love it.

And I love taking pictures too:)

What's with the face?

No really...

This is the defintion of "parade" for aaron, sit in the stroller and eat a sucker
 (no hoarding of candy, just contentment with one sucker)

Doesn't he just look like he's contemplating the greatness of our nation?

Our pack horse AKA my brother Sam

What great shirt EH? His Awesome sister made it for him when he was on his mission.

Aaron knowns all his signs! I was showing my mom how if we sang his little preschool song, he'd try and make the letters sound and make the sign. I stopped around "g" but he kept going...the whole alphabet with no prompts from anyone...kinda amazing!

Mountains AND slides. Awesome.

just chillin (8 months, sitting in a lawn chair, rokin' his 4T overalls)

McKye does everything  (including throwing rocks) with 100% exuberance.

Levi meeting his newest cousin Kamber Rose.

My beautiful nieces.

Shaylene holding the "baby"

Oh Krista, this is such a Krista face. 

Every time I'd try and take Mckye picture, he'd pull the hat down, little stinker!


Maureen said...Best Blogger Tips

Love love love the photos, Chels. I always enjoy reading your blog. Where did you find that fantastic building with the flag painted on it?

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

Just outside Lethbridge on the way to Raymond (was my favorite 2 minutes of the whole day!