Monday, August 14, 2017

"Mom Camp" 2017

Aaron broken my phone (again...3rd time this summer) the day before we headed out on "Mom Camp"which worked out cuz then I actually took my big camera, although man did I feel outta practice. 

I think this makes our 3rd annual "Mom Camp". Basically my friend Desi and I wanted to go camping mid-week when we could basically have Spring Glen park all to ourselves, so instead of waiting for husbands we use Desi's pioneer spirit/can do spirit and my ability to buy tons of snacks and we go and let the kids run a muck for a few days. My mom only lives 5 minutes away so I have an exit strategy if the nights get to crazy (we didn't even use her this year!)
But this year we had quite a few moms and it was awesome. It was my first year without my awesome sister-in-law Jaci along, which contributed to my decision to have Aaron stay home this year (there's some scary water that's just too tempting for him to run away to, and he's been having a great summer, swimming and going to the trampoline park with his aid:) 
It was the first year my sisterKrista came, and man was it fun to have her around, and her fun kiddos. Cousins are the best. 

Anyways, no great insights or well written thoughts, just the once again the realization that women need other women and kids need some time in the dirt. 
Mom camp does a great job fulfilling both those needs nicely.

TH efirst mom camp I think I was 7 months pregnant, so 17 weeks felt like nothing

Inseparable cousins pals

Spent a day in Waterton

Love camping mornings, all the little sleepy eyes and bed head

Enoch would NOT leave the other kid's bikes alone! Obsessed. (The other kids were very nice about it:)

The tram is always a the nostalgia of having grown up playing on the same playground as I take my kids too

Some just terrific moms!!!!

The kids all played sooooo well, even though many of them had never met and we had all sortsa of age groups. One morning the kids played cards ALL morning while us moms happily chatted. 

Desi had the kids help her do some berry picking...i didn't help, I took pictures instead:)

Some more cute cousins

Ya just hafta hit up the Glenwood Ice cream Parlour!

And now we can wash up the ice-cream across the street at the spray park!

And we can't go get ice cream without picking up grandma first!

We had quite a few run ins with wasps this time...nothing some ice,  snuggles with mommy and a sucker from Van Dan's can't fix

 The Glenwood School Slide!

And after dinner River bottom exploring

Enoch saw something that needed a spell cast apparently

Yay for still having old-fashioned teeter-tooters!
This was also the first mom camp Hadley wasn't terrible out numbered,
 it was fun to have a few more girls around


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Looks like a fabulous time and fun memories.
Where did Aaron stay?