Sunday, April 24, 2016

Our Week in Photos: Fruit Sushi, Twilight tramploine, and Popson park

Ben's sister Kristen and her hubby Sam are one of our favourite things about Sundays. They couldn't come over every week, but every time they did it was always so fun. Just love em!

They're working for Vivint this summer, and it'll be a long four month without them....and their yummy food! Last Sunday, in honor of our last Sunday hanging out for a while, we made fruit sushi. Which was fun and delicious and oh so pretty, so naturally I got out my camera.  It was also pregnant-safe sushi which was good, cuz Kris is adding another little cousin to the mix in the fall. So, so excited for them. Having watched them with our kids, it's pretty a"parent" they are gonna be rock awesome parents. 

We had homemade pizza before our yummy sushi for desert and Enoch got to gnaw on the crust. All of our babies have done well teething on pizza crust...Bretzke family tradition:)

Feel like every week I have pictures from the trampoline. It's just such a part of our everyday lives apparently. This time of year, it's so hard to convince myself to tell the kids to go to bed when they so often are playing so well. I'd said we'd do a good on time bedtime, but then ben got on a work phone call and instead of getting frustrated I got out my camera instead. 

Between Hadley's static hair awesomeness and some lovely light streaming through the fence, I was glad I let them stay up a bit. 

He'd whispered a secret to her and she and one to whisper back

 Cheated and gave these one of Aaron a filter.....So much happiness.


Gotta throw in a couple of these cuties. Macie came over one morning before we'd gotten dressed, so we decided to be matchy-matchy for the day. These two little buddies are beyond cute.
Hadley's called Macie "Me!" (which isn't confusing at all). They almost always greet each other with a run to each other hug and often walk around holding hands. It's darling.


And Spring means we can start frequenting our fav river bottom paradise...Popson Park. We "discovered" Popson our first summer in this house (FIVE years ago!!!!) on a day when we really needed it  and it's been pretty special to us ever since. WE get wet and muddy and throw rocks and dig in the dirt and it's just what we need every time. Ben texted that he'd be late on Friday, adn I'd already had a pretty long day, so out went a "Popson?" text, and happily a couple of my friends replied "Yes!"

Which means a bit more of these two cuties!

I love this Canadian child to me:)

Just sawing away at the log with their stick "knives"

Running after Aaron (the little blue dot way far down the river)

She heard me telling Aaron "eyes" to try and get him to look at me, and then wouldn't stop pointing at her eyes.