Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday report

Fever-filled weekend, with not enough sleep and too many tears (kids and me!) 
has made our Monday a doozy. Survival mood, is an understatement.

I reluctantly got off the phone with my friend who despite her rather significant problems had spent the whole morning listening to me rant about my silly ones!

The kids were wrestling in the bath (anyone else grateful baths are semi-containing?) I grabbed my laptop so I could read through that report I was complaining about in my last EVER SO LONG post (sorry 'bout that!)

I was feeling low. Didn't want to re-read the report at all. Kinda wanted to crawl into bed and cry. 
But apparently I'm suppose to avoid that (plus I already did it once this morning).

And then on the first page I read under "Family Strengths":

"They have strong religious beliefs which give them the faith and the strength to keep trying."

So I guess I better keep trying, huh!?!?

Then I read this from my brother in law who seems to be getting rather wise over in Africa.

... I am learning a lot about how forgiving and patient God and
Jesus Christ are with us. There are COUNTLESS times I didn't do
something I knew I was suppose to do and where I messed up, and there
are countless times NOW where I forget or I'm too tired or think of
some excuse, or even do something that doesn't even cross my mind that
is wrong. And every time Heavenly Father forgives me and lets me start
over. He is the definition of patient and long suffering. No wonder we
have to develop these qualities while we are here on earth. So be
patient in your trials and be willing to submit to the things that are
happening in our lives. Because if there are no problems we are not
becoming like Him. And wouldn't it be awful if we spent our
probationary time here on earth and completely wasted it? Not wasting
it by not keeping his commandments, but wasted it because we didn't

Keep trying. Grow. Forgive. Be Patient.  

All very hard things for a Monday:) 
Good thing my strong religious beliefs give me the faith and strength to keep trying:)


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Chelsea, I have read your blog a few times and I just want to say how much I admire you and really how in awe I am of you. You are not perfect, but you try so hard and when you fall down you learn how to forgive forget and get up again. I think you are so amazing. Thank you for posting your blog, thank you for not being afraid to talk about your real life and your trials. I think your great!!