Sunday, May 29, 2011

Me and my boys

I am the mother of three sons. Me and my boys.

A friend of mine(also the mother of only boys) was at Time Out for Women a few weeks ago. She noticed on teh write up about one of the presenters, Heidi Swinton(who wrote Pres. Monson's biography) that she raised four boys. My friend went up to her and said "How did you do it?!?!" To which as my friend recounted this too me, I, just as anxious as her to know the answer blurted out, "Well! What did she say?!?!" My friend paraphrase, and now I paraphrase, so hopefully I get the gist : You just have to wrap your head around the fact that THEY ARE BOYS! To stop expecting them to act like all the "well-behaved" little girls you imagine that you see everywhere, and just think of them as rolly-rough cuddly bear cubs, and you'll make it through."

I appreciated that a lot. Anyone who's seen my youngest, who was 20lbs at around 3 months, could see how the rolly bear cub thing really worked for me.

I love being the mom of boys. (Truth be told, little intimidated by the whole girl daughter possibility, seeing as I feel like half the little girls in nursery dress more stylish than I do! Rotating plaid and strip shirts is way more in my fashion comfort zone).

I will always remember being pregnant stuck in the Denver airport with my oldest, then two. I'd flown home from where we were living in the states for the summer to Canada for my sisters wedding, and an ultrasound, where I had found out that Bretzke-baby number two was a boy. This lady, after watching me for a while, chase my toddler with my bulging belly asked if i knew what I was having. When i said boy, she smiled at me knowingly, and then (in what I remember as kind of an Italian accent) she said, " Oh, the boys...they LOVA THEIR MOMMAS!" Two teenage sons heads where asleep resting on each of her shoulders. IF you heard that story before, its cuz I'll never forget it.

These three boys were meant for me. And I, was meant for them.

Me & Aaron

Me & McKye (an old one, but a fav...think it shows how much he looks like me)

Me & Levi (who is also so much bigger already, but right now still reserves the right as my "baby")

Me & my Boys


The Clark Matriarch said...Best Blogger Tips

Love this post! I too (so far) am a mother of boys and I LOVE it! I'll be finding out in a few weeks what baby #4 is and although everyone thinks I'm hoping for a girl I think I'm secretly hoping for another boy!