Thursday, November 3, 2016


Apparently having a bunch of things I really, REALLY need to do around the house, means I'm finally getting around to blogging some things I've been meaning to forever. 
Nothing like procrastination of one task to inspire the completion of another.
Around the same time I was taking my photo class from the amazing Rhonda Steed, my boys were finishing up their first season of basketball. One of the (many) reasons I wanted to learn to use my camera better was for poorly lit gymnasiums and fast moving kiddos, so this was a perfect opportunity to practice both!  

So I was that crazy mom, who embarrassed my kids trompsing all over the court snapping photos. It was fun and sure made it go by faster (I love playing sports, but I'm not sure I'll make the best sports mom!) They may not have the NBA in their future...but they sure looked cute trying their best!