Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Our Week in Photos: Glenwood Days, Wally's Beach and a little Reunion

It's been challenging to keep up with my challenge (ha ha) over the summer. For the most part taking photos helps me appreciate and enjoy what we're doing, but there's been a few times now that I go home from something with a LOT of pictures but feeling like I didn't get to chat with the people we went with. A few times, lately I've had to deliberately decided to leave my camera at home (which has been hard when I inevitably see little interactions knew just wouldn't be the same on my iPhone.

 So I have a few shots from Glenwood Days, but I only got it out at the end of the day after I'd enjoyed lots of chatting with lots of wonderful Glenwoodites (finally it was my dad with Enoch being buddies that I couldn't resist).

 I did take it down to Wally's beach where I'd planned one last hangout before my friend Megan had her baby. I did get near enough chatting in, but it was still a lovely, memorable day.  Megan is one of those terrific friends, who though we don't get together near enough, every time we do, you feel determined to hang out more because it's so comfortable and fun. Ben will always take credit for our life long friendship, seeing as he was the one to suggest we room together up in Edmonton during school. He was soooo right (as usual). She is as always the hostest with the mostest and I feel extremely grateful to have her as a friend I count as near and dear no matter what.

They took the kids out on their sea-doo and Aaron was in heaven. He kept his life jacket on the whole time, hoping for more turns and squeals happily the whole ride. He even tried very hard to verbalize "Seeeeeee-doooooo".

Sometimes I make Jaci stand places to get my exposure right...she loves it:)

The next night we enjoyed another little get together with old high school buddies. It's starting to be a long time ago. It's fun watching our kids run around together.

Borrowed some suits to enjoy the hot tub:)
And of course we brought our giant ball.

Had to get a photo of all the boys together...who complained about it...but do you think they actually all looked at the camera at the same time??? (worse then kids, seriously).