Thursday, January 24, 2013

a little plug for the best show on TV

If you don't watch Parenthood, you should.
It's so good.

Pretty sure, one of my favorite shows ever. (Also, I think, one of the best portrayals of a family who has a child on the spectrum out there too).

They had their season finale this week, and I couldn't put my finger on why I liked it so much last night, but this morning it hit me.

TV drama's season finales, usually have car crashes, or comas, or main characters shockingly getting killed off, or huge cliff hangers.

Parenthood has drama--I've sobbed through plenty of episodes-- but it is also so much more real life in it. Regular, everyday struggles and challenges we can all relate to.

And the season finale reflected that.

It showed that life isn't always the next tragedy, nor is it usually a final triumph, 
by any means.

All of the story lines still have hard things about them: illnesses can relapse, adoption is still an on going adjustment, relationships take work and excited expectant mother's get cranky and hormonal. They' ve been through a lot, and there's still lots to come. That's life.

But even though "happily ever afters" may not be achievable in the everyday realms of reality, good moments are. 
Great moments.
Wonderful moments, saturated in gratitude and togetherness and hope.

They may not have oh so perfectly picked soundtracks playing in the background, or just the right amount of slow motion to help us take in all the details--but if we look for them, they are there.

In our real, everyday lives.

Moments where we feel like the hard daily work of life, enduring and persevering through whatever it is life is throwing at us, is worth it.

Thanks Parenthood, 
for teaching me good subtle lessons.
(and helping me get through folding so many lods of laundry over the years;)

I'm so sad the season is already over.


Just Rhonda said...Best Blogger Tips

I totally started watching it in the beginning and then got out of it. Maybe I'll go back and start off when I left it!