Friday, November 23, 2012

Levi Turns 2!

 Mostly I think I'm just gonna post pics of his fun party...for a nice sentimental post about my "little" Levi you can read here.

 Cute little vintage circus cup cake toppers, inspired the whole "Big Top Birthday".  Cupcakes as usual.

Levi helping out with party prep.

 He really is just so much fun.

As I was helping him get ready to blow out candles, I had a very special moment where I looked out between all the circus decor and cupcakes and saw what Levi saw:
The faces of so many people who love him.
Kids adults, family, friends, all excited and smiling and levi the center of it all.
In that quick moment, with waxy candles burning birthday smells,
I was overwhelmed by all the love my Levi is the recipient of. Lucky Levi.

It made me think of our sealing. How when I came into the sealing room in my wedding dress, holding Ben's hand, thinking I couldn't be happier, that the moment the door opened and i took in all the faces  totally overwhelmed by seeing so many people who know and love me, who I know and love back.
I thought, Oh Levi, you have so may more of these love filled moments awaiting you.

I don't think it's just Levi's lushus thighs and mischievous grin, that make people want to coo and cuddle him (though right now he really, truly gives thee best hugs in the world!!! his pudgy toddler arms just the right length to squeeze around your neck and make the cares of the world melt away)

No, I think Levi will always draw people to him. 

He has a fearlessness about life, and the ability to quickly grab at fun. Even amid being pestered by his older brother, he can suddenly see the chance to turn it into a game, like pixie dust, his exuberance can transform whimpers into giggles.
He is so secure in himself and his relation to others. Even as confident as McKye is in his abilities, he still regularly tests our devotion to him by begging us to assist him with this or watch him do that, begging us to prove just one more time that we love him(oh we're sooo similar!).
Levi on the other hand, seems to have this assumption that he will be adored.
And so far he's been right.
 Levi is so fiercely independent, even things I know he really can't do he refuses to let me help, and demands "I do!" His self-initiated potty-training has convinced me he'll never be one to sit around and wait for things to happen...why? when he can just make them happen!
He's so resilient, whether he's rolling up unscathed from an encounter with the pavement, or forgiving yet another brotherly offence.. he is thick skinned physically and emotionally, but still tender enough to notice and empathize just as quickly as he is to make a daring, trust-filled leap off the counter into my arms. Ah, trust. That's it.

He trusts. He trusts himself to be capable and others to be kind. He trusts kisses to sooth sores and sorries. He trusts that there is always something worth getting excited about and people to meet his needs (even though, ironically he's had to be much more patient as the poor third child!) He trusts his capacity to learn and to notice and to figure things out, on his own if needs be. He trust his strength, to climb(anything!), to get the milk jug himself, to win a skirmish over a toy.
He trusts things to work out and life to be good, and "bah bahs" to be warm and books to be read.
Such trust may just come with the territory of toddlerhood. But I think it's a bit more than that.
And I hope, dear Levi, you can always keep that trust
that life is good
that others are good
that you are good.

My good, happy boy. Happy birthday Levi!
love Mom.

Huh, I was just gonna post pictures, wasn't I? Opps.


Crystal HW said...Best Blogger Tips

This post reaffirms and strengthens in me the belief that each of our children are sent to our family for a reason, and that their personalities are not only carried forward from the pre-existance, but that who they were before and how they fit into our family dynamics is why they are part of our family. Each child's strengths and weaknesses work with that of their siblings and parents.

Thanks for doing more than just posting pictures. I needed this today. You have been a great blessing and provider of answers I have been searching for today. Your posting timing couldn't have been more perfect.

Love ya Chels!

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

@Crystal HW

love you too Crystal!

yoga mamma said...Best Blogger Tips

Love the party theme, love your posts...